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"Alex and his team did a fantastic job, we'd struggled for a while to get someone to clean our windows reliably. Booking and paying online really suits us."

Rachel Naylor, Lindley


What We Do

Lindley/Oakes based expert residential window cleaners

  • We are a local, professional Huddersfield window cleaning team who specialise in regular external & internal window cleaning.

  • We provide exceptionally high quality window cleaning services, your windows will be absolutely spotless by the time we leave!

  • We are incredibly reliable! We keep all of our customers up to date with text & email alerts.

  • We also provide conservatory cleaning, as well as fascia and soffit cleaning.

  • We have easy online payment options (Cash/debit card/credit card/bank transfer/PayPal/email invoice)

  • Not only will we clean your windows, but we will also clean all your window frames and sills too. 

  • We use a mix of traditional and reach and wash cleaning methods.

  • Our operators are accredited with Institution of Occupational Safety & Health qualifications.

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Multiple Properties

Window Cleaning

Who are we?

Alex & Emma

Alex Scott Window Cleaning is a small, family run business which is based in Huddersfield.

We started cleaning windows ourselves when we purchased our first home in Oakes and could not find a reliable window cleaner who provided good value for money. We learnt how to clean our own windows professionally and we were soon asked by family and friends to start cleaning theirs. 

Fast forward several months and we had built a big enough customer base for Alex to focus on window cleaning as full time work while Emma works part time.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation window cleaning quote for your property. You can email us at or use the contact form you'll find further up the page.

We pride ourselves on doing a great job, right, first time. Our window cleaners provide exceptionally high quality cleaning services throughout Huddersfield. We go the extra mile compared to your average window cleaner, not only will we clean your windows but your window frames and sills will be cleaned too! (Doors/garage doors are also available upon request)

You can now book online to pick a time and date that suits you. Once you book online we will be in contact to provide you with a free, no obligation, quote.

We also make payment options really easy for all of our customers. We do not come to your property after we have cleaned to collect payment. We can accept payment online credit/debit card/email invoice with iZettle. We also accept bank transfer and cash or card on site.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable window cleaner and you have property within the Huddersfield area, then please contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What areas do you cover?

We cover most areas of Huddersfield with the majority of our working being in Lindley, Oakes, Marsh. However we are not restricted to working just in these areas and will cover the entirety of Huddersfield. Please contact us to see if we can clean your property.

Q:What does it cost to have my windows cleaned?

Every property is different, because of that we do not have a one price fits all model. The majority of properties cost between £11-13 for our standard 4 weekly clean which covers all exterior windows, all window frames and sills.

Q:How will you clean my windows?

Our cleaners use a mix of traditional methods and water fed poles which clean with high pressure pure de-ionised water for all external windows. The pure water is pumped up the pole, which allows the brush to scrub and clean the window and frames with the pure water rinsing away the dirt. Once cleaning is finished we will then rinse the window again and it will dry spot and streak free. 

Q: What is pure water?

Q: How often should I have my windows cleaned?

We only use pure, de ionised water in our window cleaning. This means that all the impurities typically found in water have been removed. Standard tap water in the UK has on average 150 parts per million of impurities, the water we use has 0 parts per million of impurities.

This can vary a lot depending on your location. As a general rule, you shouldn't wait any longer than 8 weeks however most properties in the Huddersfield area generally go through a clean every 4 weeks.

Q: Do you use ladders?

No, we generally do not use ladders. Ladders are not designed to be work platforms, they are designed to gain access to somewhere high up. We use long carbon fibre poles to reach windows at height, we can generally reach windows at three or four storey height. For larger jobs we may use mechanical lifts.

Q: Can you clean my windows while it is raining?

Generally yes, rainwater is usually very clean and will not interfere with our cleaning. There is a chance heavy rain will leave behind some spots or streaks on your windows but we can continue to work in light weather. More severe weather that poses a health & safety hazard to our cleaners will have to be considered whether it is safe to continue to work in.

Q: How do I pay?

You can pay with cash or card on the day, or if  you are paying later you will receive an email with a link to pay online. We also accept cash, credit cards, debit cards or bank transfer. Payment is expected within 7 days of invoicing.

Q: Do you clean the frames and sills?

Yes, frames and sill cleaning is included in the price you pay. Some wooden window frames that are in poor condition we may refrain from cleaning to avoid potential damage.

Q: How will I know when you're coming?

If you request it, we can text the night before to let you know we're coming the next day. We will ask you to make sure access is available to get around to the rear of your property. When we have finished cleaning you will receive another text/email to let you know the job has finished.


Alex Scott Window Cleaning

Working hours: 9am-4pm

Based in Oakes, Huddersfield


Huddersfield Window Cleaners


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